Search the broad P2P lending market

LendingWell helps you find and compare P2P direct lending opportunities from across the major providers. Search the market against your diversification and risk criteria.

Self-Select and Pre-Select strategies.

Handpick your own investments for your portfolio with our research and comparison tools. Or, if you want a particular focus, you can select a model portfolio-adjust able to suit your risk appetite. We also offer P2P direct lending investment products.

Hold all your P2P investment in one IF ISA

LendingWell are the only service that lets you invest across multiple platforms, giving you to get better diversification and the ability to hold all your P2P investment in one IF ISA.

Thorough platform assessment

LendingWell rigorously scrutinize all products and only accept investment platforms when we are satisfied they meet our stringent risk assessment criteria.

Earn on average +5% returns

Connect directly with SME borrowers and get a greater share of the interest than investing via a bank. Over the last 10 years, the P2P lending market has returned +5% on average per annum.

Manage your portfolio in just a few clicks

Get detailed analysis of your portfolio’s performance and manage all your investments from a single dashboard.

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How to invest

  • Create a LendingWell account
  • Select your risk preferences
  • Search for P2P direct lending investments and build a portfolio,or select from our model strategies and other products
  • See how your portfolio would have performed retrospectively with our back-test tool
  • Invest by placing an order
  • Track performance and manage your portfolio from the dashboard