Start advising on P2P direct lending

Market search tool generates like-for-like comparisons of direct lending opportunities you can filter by your client’s criteria. Or choose from our range of pre-selected portfolios. All the sophisticated functionality of a bond or equity investment platform – but for Peer to Peer.


Impress clients with attractive risk-adjusted returns

In the last 10 years, direct lending, including P2P, has consistently delivered on average 5% returns.

Earn AUM fees

As you are providing advice, P2P direct lending investments on the LendingWell platform may be subject to agreed and transparent fee arrangements with your clients.


Add value to your clients

LendingWell’s monitoring capabilities mean you can seamlessly track multiple portfolios over multiple platforms. Then field client questions as an expert with our detailed investment report resources only available to advisers.

Keep all your clients’ direct lending and P2P products in one IF ISA

We enable you invest across as many direct lending P2P platforms as you like – all within one Innovative Finance ISA.


Get one-click reporting analysis

LendingWell makes due diligence and client service easy. In a couple of clicks you can generate reports that demonstrate you’ve reviewed the broad P2P market. We’ve scrutinised them all and only added those we’re comfortable with.

How to get started

  • Create your LendingWell account
  • Set your client’s risk preferences according to your assessment
  • Search for P2P direct lending investments to start building your client’s portfolios, or select from our model strategies and other products
  • Test your client’s portfolios retrospectively with our back-test tool
  • Advise you client on your recommendations, adapt the portfolios and make notes on their preferences for future reference
  • Place an order
  • Track performance and manage all your clients’ portfolios from one dashboard