Until recently we believe, direct lending investments, such as those offered by P2P platforms, have largely been ignored by the average advisor. But poor returns from traditional cash products and the stock market are making them increasingly attracted by the P2P alternative.

With no easy way for advisers to review the whole of market, they were unable to confidently recommend these investments to clients. Understandably reluctant to commit funds to an asset class they didn’t have time to research fully, most advisers recommended their clients invest elsewhere.

The result is that many investors have a large percentage of their money sitting idle in cash products that aren’t providing a decent return for them or their advisers.

Combining our experience in the traditional financial world with technological innovation, we saw an opportunity to open up this asset class.

By curating the best P2P platforms on one site, and offering easy to use, sophisticated search and analysis tools, we have made it simple for advisers and wealth managers to consider P2P direct lending alongside traditional investments and other alternatives.

LendingWell makes advising on direct investing and P2P far simpler and more manageable for intermediaries. You can now research the P2P market by lending based on your client’s criteria – in just a few clicks. Having compared investment opportunities using like-for-like data, the LendingWell platform lets you build a portfolio offering appropriate returns for your clients’ investment and risk criteria. Then you can order, monitor and report on portfolios at the touch of button.

Funds invested in P2P direct lending via LendingWell will be under your management. As you are adding value, they will likely be subject to your normal fee structure. Your clients will appreciate a rigorously selected, diversified exposure to an investment that has historically outperformed cash products, equities and bonds. It could even be a talking point amongst satisfied clients – a useful way of attracting new client referrals.


“Our vision is to give investors and their advisers the same quality of platform that, until now, has only been available to equity and bond investors.”

Tim Slesinger – Founder and CEO