What is LendingWell?

LendingWell is opening up the new asset class of P2P lending to advisers and their clients through its Innovative Finance ISA wrap platform. Efficiently manage your clients by accessing, analysing and investing into the broad P2P lending market.

Review the market in seconds

Assess investments across P2P direct lending market – all in one place. We only partner with those that meet our stringent criteria.

Discover P2P opportunities

Use our comparison tools and research to cut through the complexity and find risk-appropriate investments. Or keep it simple and select from our model strategies.

Impress your clients

Present your recommendations using our easy-to-understand graphics. Adapt your portfolios and make notes on client discussions for future reference.

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Profile your client

Set your client’s risk preferences according to your assessment.

Search the market

We’ve brought together the major P2P direct lending platforms that meet our stringent criteria.

Build a portfolio

Review P2P lending investments using comparison tools and research, or select from our model strategies and other products.

Test your selection

See how your client’s portfolios would have performed retrospectively with our back-test tool.


Present your recommendations, using our easy-to-understand graphics. Adapt the portfolios and make notes on client discussions for future reference.

Place an order

It’s a simple and just takes a few clicks.


Track performance of all your clients’ direct lending portfolios from one dashboard and use one-click reporting.

Stay compliant

All your activity is logged so it’s easy to generate reports to evidence whole of market review, appropriate advice and other compliance requirements

Industry Research


PwC P2P Report

According to a Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Report, P2P interest rates are typically lower than those of credit cards for most borrowers. This, combined with offering a perceived superior user-friendly and efficient lending and investing experience could tip the scales in P2P lender’s favour. The report examines how P2P lending works, what makes it unique and what may be next for the industry.


Nesta Understanding Alternative Finance

This large scale study examines the growth, trends and dynamics within the UK alternative finance sector, including crowdfunding and P2P lending. As highlighted in this report, the UK market is growing rapidly, and has more than doubled in size year on year from £267 million in 2012 to £666 million in 2013 to £1.74 billion in 2014.


Nesta Pushing Boundaries

In 2015 the UK online alternative finance sector grew 84%, facilitating £3.2 billion in investments, loans and donations, according to a joint report published today by the Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance at the University of Cambridge and UK innovation foundation Nesta, in partnership with KPMG and with the support of CME Group Foundation.